Optical Levitation of Nanodiamonds by Doughnut Beams in Vacuum
Update: 2018-02-24 09:54:12      Author: yangjuan@csrc.ac.cn



Fig. 1. (a) The schematic illustration of the system. A nanodiamond coated with a silica shell is levitated in an optical trap formed by two incoherent strongly-focused counter-propagating beams. (b) (c) Front view and side view of the intensity distribution of the two focused linearly polarized LG03 incident beams in the focal region. The circles indicate the composite particle with the core radius r = 100 nm and the shell radius R = 1 μm.


Fig. 2. The oscillation frequency  Ω/(2π) of the core-shell particle in dual-beam optical tweezers with (a) linearly polarized LG03 beams and (b) azimuthally polarized beams. (c) and (d) The mechanical quality factor Q under pressure 10−6 Pa corresponding to cases (a) and (b), respectively. In all cases, the incident beams with power P1 =P2 =50 mW are focused by lens with NA = 0.95. 

This work is supported by NKBRP (973 Program) 2014CB848700, NSFC No. 11374032 and NSAF U1530401, 2014011008-1, 2014021004 and NSFC through 11404201, 11674204.

For more information, please see the paper: Optical levitation of nanodiamonds by doughnut beams in vacuum”, Laser Photonics Rev., 1600284 (2017). DOI: 10.1002/lpor.201600284.



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