Landscape and flux in gene networks
A/Prof. Chun-He Li
Fudan University

Cellular functions in biological systems are regulated by the underlying gene regulatory networks. How to investigate the global properties of gene networks is a challenging problem. In this talk, I will present some approaches we recently developed, i.e., the potential landscape and flux framework, as well as the dimension reduction approach based on landscape theory, to study the stochastic dynamics of gene networks. The basins on the landscape characterize different cell states. The landscape topography in terms of barrier heights between stable states quantifies the global stability of the gene regulatory system. The kinetic paths based on the minimum action principles quantify the transition processes between different cell states. I will also discuss some applications of this approach in specific biological systems, including cell cycle and p53 cell fate decision system.

About the Speaker

李春贺,复旦大学上海数学中心/数学科学学院/类脑智能科学与技术研究院长聘副教授,从事计算生物物理、计算系统生物学、基因调控网络、数据挖掘等方面的研究。发展了研究基因调控网络随机动力学的理论方法,并应用于干细胞网络、癌症网络、细胞周期网络等生物系统。在上述领域以第一或通讯作者身份在PNAS,Advanced Science, PLOS Comput. Biol.等杂志上发表论文30余篇,主持了包括科技部重点研发计划、国自然面上等多个项目。

2021-12-09 10:00 AM
Room: Tencent Meeting
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