A robust discontinuous Galerkin scheme on anisotropic meshes
A/Prof. Takuya TSUCHIYA
Ehime University

In the talk, I will explain the standard Symmetric Interior Penalty Discontinuous Galerkin (SIP-DG) method is not robust on anisotropic meshes. I propose a new scheme with a modified penalty term and show that the new proposed SIP-DG scheme is robust on anisotropic meshes.

About the Speaker

Takuya TSUCHIYA  is a professor of applied mathematics at Ehime University in Japan. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 1990, with Ivo Babuška as his advisor. His research interests include the mathematical foundation of finite element methods, numerical methods for differential equations, numerical differential geometry, computer science (algorithms, theory of computation), computational graph theory, etc. His research results have been published in computational and applied mathematics journals such as Math. Comp., Numer. Math. and Jpn. J. Ind. Appl. Math..

2022-10-03 9:00 AM
Room: Zoom
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