Heterogeneity, Plasticity, Entropy, and Waddington Landscape
Prof. Jin-Zhi Lei
Tiangong University

This talk will introduce a general mathematical framework for the dynamics of stem cell regeneration with cellular heterogeneity and plasticity. The mathematical model is proposed to integrated different scale interactions, and provides a clue leading to a better understanding of embryo development, cancer evolution, and drug resistance in cancer treatment.

About the Speaker

雷锦志, 天津工业大学数学科学学院教授, 主要从事应用数学、计算系统生物学的研究, 研究领域涉及动力系统及其应用、蛋白质折叠的统计物理原理、动态血液病的致病原理、系统生物学、数学肿瘤学等领域, 主要致力于应用数学思维理解复杂生命现象背后的一般性机理和数学表示。

2023-06-26 10:00 AM
Room: A203 Meeting Room
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