CSRC-ICTP Joint Workshop on

Big Data, Machine Learning and Complexity Research

Date: July 30-31, 2020

Zoom:Zoom ID will be sent to registered participants by ICTP

Registration: ICTP Website:http://indico.ictp.it/event/9427/

Registration Deadline:July 27, 2020

For non-registered participants, live broadcasting is available:https://live.bilibili.com/6782735

ICTP Workshop: “Science on Data Science” (smr3283) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3cvRkdfO-76JKosmx1tiXw/playlists?view=50&sort=dd&shelf_id=7

    As the world becomes increasingly connected both virtually and physically, aspects of human societies behave more and more like evolved natural systems such as microbial communities and the brain network. Exploration of similarities and differences between them could offer novel insights and understanding that benefit mankind. Both data-driven modelling in the AI community and hypothesis-driven modelling in statistical physics can play important and complementary roles in tackling the hugely complex dynamics and behavior exhibited by these systems. The workshop aims at showcasing some of the successful research outcomes in this rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field, and promoting exchange of ideas and methodologies particularly among the young researchers.


Social network dynamics (epidemiology, crowdsourcing, opinion dynamics)
Statistical mechanics in Data Science (algorithmic phase transitions, spin glasses, compressive sensing)
Systems Biology (statistical laws in microbiomes, biological networks)
Systems Neuroscience (connectomics, avalanche dynamics, grid cells)


Jean Barbier                        ICTP  Italy

Lei Dai                                SIAT/CAS  China

Amir Bashan                      ICTP  Italy

Animesh Mukerjee             IIT Kharagour  India

Xiaoke Xu                          Dalian Minzu University  China

Walter Quattrociocchi        University of Venice  Italy

Alessandro Treves              SISSA  Italy

Chuang Wang                     Institute of Aotomation, CAS  China

Shouwen Wang                  Harvard Medical School

Zhiqin Xu                           Shanghai Jiaotong University  China

Yuguo Yu                           Fudan University  China

Changsong Zhou                Hongkong Baptist University  China

Haijun Zhou                       ITP/CAS  Beijing   China


Lei-Han Tang (CSRC/HKBU)

Linyuan Lv    (UESTC/CSRC)

Liang Tian (HKBU)

Changsong Zhou (HKBU)

Haijun Zhou (ITP/CAS)

Jean Barbier (ICTP)

Antonio Celani (ICTP)

Jacopo Grilli (ICTP)

Matteo Marsili (ICTP)


Technical Support

Swarma Campus(Beijing)and ICTP


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