Workshop on the Physics of Living Matter: from Molecules to Systems
2015-01-30 09:29     

The CSRC Workshop on the Physics of Living Matter: from Molecules to Systems was held on Dec 4-5 2014. The workshop was co-organized by Prof. Leihan Tang, Prof. Jin Yu and Prof. Haiguang Liu, with the help from colleagues in Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Institute of Physics, CAS. Over 50 local and overseas researchers participated the event. 

The field of living matter is developing rapidly. This workshop aims at bringing together experts in the field to present their latest results on experimental and computational studies of living matter, ranging from molecules to systems. This 2-day workshop is to get experimental and modeling people together to explore future collaboration opportunities among colleagues from IOP, PKU, Tsinghua and CSRC, especially those who moved to Beijing recently. Particular emphasis will be placed on conformational dynamics of proteins and function, DNA structure & dynamics, transcription/translation machinery, structure and dynamics of the cell and the cell nucleus, Cell population, growth, migration, microenvironment characterization .The participants enjoyed the 34 long and short talks during the workshop and have round table discussions each day.

The goal of the workshop is to serve as a platform for exchange of ideas and methodologies among scientists from different fields in tackling active matter. It also provided the impetus to further the scope of research in individual research interests. This is an initiative for larger scale collaborations in researches on physics of living matters.

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