ICYRAM: Modeling and Simulation of Functional Materials
2014-06-11 16:46     

On Oct 24-29, 2014, the International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials (ICYRAM) was held in Haikou. The H2 branch: modeling and Simulation of functional materials, was supported and organized by Beijing Computational Science Research Center. Prof. Li-min Liu and Prof. Ji-Jun Zhao (associate member) from CSRC chairs the H2 branch meeting, which mainly focuses on the theoretical model of functional material, electronic structure and material properties calculation, and new nano-functional material designing. About 80 participants attended the H2 meeting, including Prof. Oleg Prezhdo (University of Southern California, American), Prof. Caizhuang-Wang (Arms Lab, American), Prof. Gilberto Teobaldi (University of British Liverpool, German), Prof. Thmoas (Bremer Center for Computational Materials Science, Germany), Prof. Paolo Raiteri (Curtin University, Australia), Prof. Aijun Du (Queensland University of Technology, Australia), Prof. Javier Carrasco (CIC energigune, Spain), Prof. Hyunjun Kim (KAIST, Daejeon, S. Korea), Prof. Donghee Lim (Chungbuk National University, Chungbuk, S. Korea), Prof. Ludger Wirtz (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg), and Prof. Ari Harju (Aalto University, Finland). 

Dr. Wenjin Yin from Beijing Computational Science Research Center won "the best poster award" in the conference. 

About ICYRAM: 

The International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials (ICYRAM) is a new series of conferences sponsored by the IUMRS. The first conference (ICYRAM2012) was organized by the Materials Research Society of Singapore, on the occasion of the launching of the new IUMRS-Global Materials Network (GMN) of young researchers. It provides a real/cyber space platform for researchers under the age of 40 to share their research findings, to network with their global peers in research and educational collaborations. 

The young scientists from USA, Germany, Finland, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries or areas gathered in Haikou, discussing the development of new materials for the future world. The conference set up 15 branches, covering eight fields including energy and environmental materials, electronic materials, nano-materials and equipment, advanced ceramics, advanced metal materials, biological materials, materials characterization and evaluation, and material field simulation calculation. 


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