Workshop on Statistical Physics of Active Matter
2014-06-30 17:12     

The workshop on Statistical Physics of Active Matter was held in CSRC, 24-25, June 2014. The workshop was organized by Prof. Leihan Tang from CSRC, Prof. Hugues Chat¨¦ from CEA, Saclay, Prof. Yuhai Tu from Peking University and Prof. Xiaqing Shi from Soochow University. It brought together more than 80 local and overseas researchers and students from applied math, physics, chemistry and biology. 

The field of active matter is developing rapidly. This workshop aims at bringing together experts in the field to present their latest results on experimental and computational studies of active matter, ranging from molecular motors to large-scale animal and human movement. Particular emphasis will be placed on the construction of particle and continuum models and their analysis, and on the theoretical issues arising from the strongly non-equilibrium and nonlinear dynamics of these systems. The participants enjoyed the 26 talks during the workshop and free discussions in the end. 

The workshop has successfully achieved its goal of serving as a platform for exchange of ideas and methodologies among scientists from different fields in tackling active matter. It also provided the impetus to further the scope of research in individual research interests.


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