Mr. Abdo Malac from French Embassy in China visit CSRC
2015-04-02 09:00     

On April 02, 2015, Mr. Abdo Malac, the Deputy Counselor of Science and Technology of French Embassy in China, visit Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC). Prof. Hai-Qing Lin, the Director of CSRC, warmly welcomed Mr. Malac and showed him around the CSRC home-building, especially the associated member offices, visitor offices, and HPC room.

In the discussion room, Prof. Lin gave an introduction of CSRC, including the mission and goal, research organization, collaboration and exchange. Quantum Physics & Quantum Information Division and Complex Systems Division of CSRC, both had long and deep cooperative relationships with French scientist, said Prof. Jian-Qiang You and A/Prof. Xin-Liang Xu from these two Divisions.

Mr. Malac introduced the positive intention from the French Embassy of enhancing the cooperation between China and France in the varied field of science, and expressed that more effective supports from French Embassy will be seen in the future. Considering the facilities and computing resources of CSRC, Prof. Lin also expected deeper and better friendships with French institutes and sciences.




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