ITP-CSRC Forum on Physics Approach to Biocomplexity
2015-05-30 15:54     

“The ITP-CSRC Forum on Physics Approach to Biocomplexity: the Expanding Horizon” was held at CSRC (Beijing Computational Research Center) on May 30, 2015.

The Forum served several purposes: as a high-level forum showing the latest experimental, theoretical, and computational advances made by Chinese scientists in the field of biological physics; and as a platform to promote cooperation.

The Forum featured 15 oral scientific reports. More than 80 scientists and graduate students attended the one-day event. Among them were Prof. Bai-Lin Hao (郝柏林), Prof. Xian-Tu He (贺贤土), Prof. Zhong-Can Ou-Yang (欧阳钟灿), Prof. Wei-Mou Zheng (郑伟谋), and Prof. Bing-Song Zou (邹冰松). Prof. Bai-Lin Hao made a brief speech at the end of the forum, brought four books as presents to the CSRC library and wished a long-last friendship between ITP and CSRC.


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