Algorithms Short Course on High Performance Numerical Linear Algebra
2015-11-26 13:28     

A short course hosted by Algorithms Division on High Performance Numerical Linear Algebra” was held in Beijing Computational Science Research Center during the week of November 16-20, 2015. Prof. Chao Yang from Computational Research Division at Lawrence Berkeley Lab is the invited lecturer. 

Prof. Chao Yang was awarded the 1999 Householder fellow in scientific computing by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2000, and is currently a senior scientist. His core expertise is in numerical linear algebra, optimization, large-scale data analysis and high performance computing. 

The short course focuses on familiarizing CSRC researchers with the state of art linear algebra algorithms for high performance scientific computing. During the five-day course Prof. Chao Yang provided detailed lectures on the state of art of numerical linear algebra algorithms for modern parallel large scale computer systems as well as engaged attendees in lively discussions. 

The course is well attended daily by scientists both from CSRC and other institutions, including many staff researchers from China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP), who were given certificates of course completion. 


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