Forum on Modeling of Nonequilibrium Phenomena
2015-12-25 13:29     

The Forum on Modeling of Nonequilibrium Phenomena was held from Dec. 20, 2015 to Dec. 21, 2015 successfully at CSRC. 12 invited speakers together with a group of participants from various institutions participated in the event. Nonequilibrium phenomena are ubiquitous in nature, in our society and the world of man-made materials. How to model some of the phenomena theoretically and computationally is the theme of the forum. At the forum, invited speakers discussed a wide spectrum of physical, mathematical, and computational means to tackle various problems arising in science and engineering like the Onsager principle and its applications, modeling and simulation of active matter systems, complex fluid flows, fluid-substrate interaction, network dynamics, stochastic modeling of complex biological systems etc. A by-product of this forum is to facilitate potential collaborations among the participants through direct dialogue and to promote interdisciplinary interaction among physicists, mathematicians, computational scientists and mechanists.


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