BAIL 2016--Boundary and Interior Layers
2016-08-25 08:33     

BAIL 2016—Boundary and Interior Layers was successfully held at Beijing Computational Science Research Center from August 15 to 19, 2016.

The BAIL conferences, which are held every two years, have no fixed location—they have been held in four different continents. A previous BAIL conference was held in Beijing in 1994; since then no BAIL conference has been held in China, despite the huge increase in Chinese research activity in numerical analysis during the last 20 years. This time, BAIL returns to China.

The conference has brought together many main players—from China and abroad—in the numerical solution of singularly perturbed differential equations (convection-diffusion problems, fluid flows at high Reynolds number, etc) whose solutions have boundary and/or interior layers. There are 49 speakers attending the conference, and keynote lectures had been given by 5 leading researchers in this area, including Zhimin Zhang from CSRC, China, Zhongyi Huang from Tsinghua University, China, Pavel Bochev from Sandia National Laboratories, USA, Julia Novo from Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain, and Hans-Goerg Roos from Technical University of Dresden, Germany. The conference has provided excellent opportunities for networking and development of research linkages between participants.



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