Workshop for Imaging and Algorithm
2016-12-23 09:12     

Without algorithm for data processing, the imaging can be blind even with tons of data. To stimulate the discussion between data analysis community and image collection groups, CSRC organized a multidisciplinary workshop on ‘imaging and algorithm’ from December 16 to 17, 2016. During this two-day workshop, participants discussed existing problems and possible solutions. The participants are from Tsinghua, PKU, Hunan Normal U, North China Electric Power U, PLA Research, Wuhan U, Huazhong UST, Tianjin U, ShanghaiTech, NUCTECH Company, CAEP, Institute of Biophysics, Huazhong Normal U, and Beijing CSRC. During the open discussion session, the participants volunteered to summarize the problems in each imaging field, and the experts in algorithms gained understanding about the real world. We found that organizing a larger scale workshop is necessary, and it will take place next year. See you in 2017.


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