Workshop on Numerical Methods for Fractional-derivative Problems: Singularities and Fast Algorithms
2017-05-24 13:44     

During May 19-20, 2017, a two-day workshop on Numerical Methods for Fractional-derivative problems: Singularities and Fast Algorithms organized by Applied and Computational Mathematics Division, has been successfully held in CSRC. The workshop was attended by over 120 participants from China and abroad. 

This workshop focuses on the numerical solution of more typical (and more difficult) FD problems whose solutions exhibit weak singularities. As the definitions of fractional derivatives are non-local, there is also the issue of how to avoid excessive memory storage and expensive calculations in their implementation. Thus there are two objects to this research: (1)The design and analysis of methods (finite difference, finite element, etc) for FD problems;(2)The efficient computation of numerical solutions. 

There are 21 speakers (including 3 main speakers) sharing their recent research achievements during the workshop. This workshop has provided excellent opportunities for networking and development of research linkages between participants. 


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