The HKBU Delegation Visited CSRC
2017-07-25 09:15     

The delegation of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) visited Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) on July 04, 2017.

The delegation included Vice-President (Research and Development) Prof. Rick Wong, Associate Vice-President (Research) Prof. Jiming Liu, Dean of Chinese Medicine Prof. Aiping Lu, Chair professor of department of Mathematics Prof. Lixing Zhu, and member of Vice-President (Mainland) office Dr. Liwei Yang.

Prof. Hai-Qing Lin, the Director of CSRC, along with Prof. Lei-Han Tang (Head of Complex Systems Division), Prof. Li-Shi Luo (Head of Mechanics Division) and A/Prof. Ji-Wei Zhang (Applied and Computational Mathematics Division) warmly welcomed the visiting guests. Both parties have a deep discussion and expectation on the future collaboration and exchange on relevant areas. The delegation also visited the supercomputer Tianhe-II-JK room and looked around the CSRC home-building.


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