Publications 2016

[1]    Enhanced half-metallicity in orientationally misaligned graphene/hexagonal boron nitride lateral heterojunctions

      Jiang Zeng, Wei Chen, Ping Cui, Dong-Bo Zhang, Zhenyu Zhang, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94, 235425 (2016)

[2]    Effect of bath temperature on the decoherence of quantum dissipative systems

      Wu, Wei; Lin, Hai-Qing, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 94, 062116 (2016)

[3]    Dimensionless ratios: Characteristics of quantum liquids and their phase transitions

      Yu, Yi-Cong; Chen, Yang-Yang; Lin, Hai-Qing; Roemer, Rudolf A.; Guan, Xi-Wen, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94, 195129 (2016)

[4]    Strain-induced topological phase transition at zigzag edges of monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides

      Li, Linhu; Castro, Eduardo V.; Sacramento, Pedro D., PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94, 195419 (2016)

[5]    Many-body delocalization with random vector potentials

      Cheng, Chen; Mondaini, Rubem, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 94, 053610 (2016)

[6]    Topological insulating phases from two-dimensional nodal loop semimetals

      Li, Linhu; Araujo, Miguel A. N., PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94, 165117(2016)

[7]    The Kondo temperature of a two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba spin-orbit coupling

      Chen, Liang; Sun, Jinhua; Tang, Ho-Kin; Lin, Hai-Qing, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 28, 396005 (2016)

[8]    Iodine Anions beyond-1: Formation of LinI (n=2-5) and Its Interaction with Quasiatoms

      Botana, Jorge; Brgoch, Jakoah; Hou, Chunju; Miao, Maosheng, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 55(18), 9377-9382 (2016)

[9]    Feshbach P - Q partitioning technique and the two-component Dirac equation

      Luo, Da-Wei; Pyshkin, P. V.; Yu, Ting; Lin, Hai-Qing; You, J. Q.; Wu, Lian-Ao, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 94, 032111 (2016)

[10]  Topological invariants for phase transition points of one-dimensional Z(2) topological systems

       Li, Linhu; Yang, Chao; Chen, Shu, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B, 89(9), 195 (2016)

[11]  Tensor-product state approach to spin-1/2 square J(1)-J(2) antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model: Evidence for deconfined quantum criticality

       Wang, Ling; Gu, Zheng-Cheng; Verstraete, Frank; Wen, Xiao-Gang, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94, 075143 (2016)

[12]  Hidden quantum mirage by negative refraction in semiconductor P-N junctions

       Zhang, Shu-Hui; Zhu, Jia-Ji; Yang, Wen; Lin, Hai-Qing; Chang, Kai, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 94, 085408 (2016)

[13]  Structural Properties and Phase Transition of Na Adsorption on Monolayer MoS2

       He, Hai; Lu, Pengfei; Wu, Liyuan; Zhang, Chunfang; Song, Yuxin; Guan, Pengfei; Wang, Shumin, NANOSCALE RESEARCH LETTERS, 11, 330(2016)

[14]  Pressure-induced structural and valence transition in AgO

       Hou, Chunju; Botana, Jorge; Zhang, Xu; Wang, Xianlong; Miao, Maosheng, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 18(22), 15322-15326 (2016)

[15]  Dephasing due to Nuclear Spins in Large-Amplitude Electric Dipole Spin Resonance

       Chesi, Stefano; Yang, Li-Ping; Loss, Daniel, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 116, 066806 (2016)

[16]  Pressure-induced ferromagnetic half-metallicity in cobaltocene

       Yan, Xun-Wang; Huang, Zhong-Bing; Zhong, Guo-Hua; Lin, Hai-Qing, EPL, 113, 027005 (2016)


Publications 2015

[1]    Comparison of the plasmonic performances between lithographically fabricated and chemically grown gold nanorods

      Shao, Lei; Tao, Yuting; Ruan, Qifeng; Wang, Jianfang; Lin, Hai-Qing, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 17(16) (2015)

[2]    Charge oscillations and interaction between potassium adatoms on graphene studied by first-principles calculations

      Liu, Xiaojie; Wang, Cai-Zhuang; Lin, Hai-Qing; Chang, Kai; Chen, Jian; Ho, Kai-Ming; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 91, 3 (2015)

[3]    Study of 5f electron based filled skutterudite compound EuFe4Sb12, a thermoelectric (TE) material: FP-LAPW method

      Shankar, A.; Rai, D. P.; Khenata, R.; Maibam, J.; Sandeep; Thapa, R. K.; JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS; 619 (2015)

[4]    Diabolical points in multi-scatterer optomechanical systems

      Chesi, Stefano; Wang, Ying-Dan; Twamley, Jason; SCIENTIFIC REPORTS; 5 (2015)

[5]    Anomalous forward scattering of dielectric gain nanoparticles

      Xie, Ya-Ming; Tan, Wei; Wang, Zhi-Guo; OPTICS EXPRESS; 23, 3 (2015)

[6]    The Study on the Medium-Sized Carbon Islands on Ru(0001) Surface

      Gao, Junfeng; Ding, Feng, JOURNAL OF CLUSTER SCIENCE, 26(2) (2015)

[7]    Mean photon number dependent variational method to the Rabi model

      Liu, Maoxin; Ying, Zu-Jian; An, Jun-Hong; Luo, Hong-Gang; NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS; 17 (2015)

[8]    The electronic, magnetic and optical properties of double perovskite A(2)FeReO(6) (A = Sr, Ba) from first principles approach

      Rai, D. P.; Shankar, A.; Ghimire, M. P.; Sandeep; Thapa, R. K.; COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE; 101 (2015)

[9]    First-Principles Phase Diagram of Magic-Sized Carbon Clusters on Ru(0001) and Rh(111) Surfaces

      Gao, Junfeng; Ding, Feng; JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C; 119, 20 (2015)

[10]  Exotic pairing in 1D spin-3/2 atomic gases with SO(4) symmetry

       Jiang, Yuzhu; Guan, Xiwen; Cao, Junpeng; Lin, Hai-Qing; NUCLEAR PHYSICS B; 895 (2015)

[11]  Theory of box-model hyperfine couplings and transport signatures of long-range nuclear-spin coherence in a quantum-dot spin valve

       Chesi, Stefano; Coish, W. A.; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 91, 24 (2015)

[12]  Direct measurement on the geometric phase of a double quantum dot qubit via quantum point contact device

       Liu, Bao; Zhang, Feng-Yang; Song, Jie; Song, He-Shan; SCIENTIFIC REPORTS; 5 (2015)

[13]  Higher-order solutions to non-Markovian quantum dynamics via a hierarchical functional derivative

       Luo, Da-Wei; Lam, Chi-Hang; Wu, Lian-Ao; Yu, Ting; Lin, Hai-Qing; You, J. Q., PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 92(2) (2015)

[14]  Colloidal Moderate-Refractive-Index Cu2O Nanospheres as Visible-Region Nanoantennas with Electromagnetic Resonance and Directional Light-Scattering Properties

       Shouren Zhang , Ruibin Jiang , Ya-Ming Xie , Qifeng Ruan , Baocheng Yang , Jianfang Wang ,  Hai-Qing Lin, ADVANCED MATERIALS (2015)

[15]  Coherent manipulation of a single magnetic atom using polarized single electron transport in a double quantum dot

       Lai, Wenxi; Yang, Wen, PHYSICAL REVIEW B,92(15) (2015)

[16]  High-precision evaluation of Wigner's d matrix by exact diagonalization

       Feng, X. M.; Wang, P.; Yang, W.; Jin, G. R., PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 92(4) (2015)

[17]  Strongly polarizing weakly coupled C-13 nuclear spins with optically pumped nitrogen-vacancy center

       Wang, Ping; Liu, Bao; Yang, Wen, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5 (2015)

[18]  Ground-state phase diagram of the quantum Rabi model

       Ying, Zu-Jian; Liu, Maoxin; Luo, Hong-Gang; Lin, Hai-Qing; You, J. Q., PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 92(5) (2015)

[19]  Interface engineering of electronic properties of graphene/boron nitride lateral heterostructures

       Dong Zhang, Dong-Bo Zhang, Fuhua Yang, Hai-Qing Lin, Hongqi Xu, Kai Chang, 2D MATERIALS, 2, 41001 (2015)

[20]  Theory of nuclear spin dephasing and relaxation by optically illuminated nitrogen-vacancy center

       Ping Wang, WenYang, 17, 113041 (2015)


Publications 2014

[1]    Ba2phenanthrene is the main component in the Ba-doped phenanthrene superconductor

      Xun-Wang Yan; Zhongbing Huang; Hai-Qing Lin; THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS; 141 (2014)

[2]    All-optical controlled phase gate in quantum dot molecules

      Chen, Li-Bo; Yang, Wen; LASER PHYSICS LETTERS; 11, 10 (2014)

[3]    Single- and few-electron states in topological-insulator quantum dots

      Li, Jian; Lou, Wen-Kai; Zhang, Dong; Li, Xiao-Jing; Yang, Wen; Chang, Kai; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 90, 11 (2014)

[4]    Photonic simulation of topological superconductor edge state and zero-energy mode at a vortex

      Wei Tan, Liang Chen, Xia Ji,  Hai-Qing Lin; SCIENTIFIC REPORTS; 4 (2014)

[5]    Quantum interferometry with binary-outcome measurements in the presence of phase diffusion

      X. M. Feng, G. R. Jin, and W. Yang; PHYSICAL REVIEW A; 90, 1, 3807 (2014)

[6]    Manipulating electromagnetic responses of metal wires at the deep subwavelength scale via both near- and far-field couplings

      Tan, Wei; Sun, Yong; Wang, Zhi-Guo; Chen, Hong; APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS; 104, 9, 91107 (2014)

[7]    Spin-spin interaction in the bulk of topological insulators

      Sun, Jinhua; Chen, Liang; Lin, Hai-Qing; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 89, 11, 115101 (2014)

[8]    Single-spin manipulation in a double quantum dot in the field of a micromagnet

      Stefano Chesi, Ying-Dan Wang, Jun Yoneda, Tomohiro Otsuka, Seigo Tarucha, and Daniel Loss ; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 90 (2014)

[9]    Prediction of half-metallic ferromagnetism (HMF) in hypothetical Heusler compound Co2VSb using modified Becke Johnson (mBJ) potential,

      Rai, D. P.; Maibam, J.; Sharma, B. I.; Shankar, A.; Sandeep; Thapa, R. K.; Ke, San Huang; JOURNAL OF  ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS; 589 (2014)

[10]  A DFT Study of BeX (X = S, Se, Te) Semiconductor: Modified Becke Johnson (mBJ) Potential

       Rai, D. P.; Ghimire, M. P.; Thapa, R. K.; SEMICONDUCTORS; 48, 11 (2014)

[11]  Study of electronic, magnetic, optical and elastic properties of Cu2MnAl a gapless full Heusler compound

       Rai, D. P.; Thapa, R. K.; JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS; 612 (2014)

[12]  Quantum confinement induced oscillatory electric field on a stepped Pb(111) film and its influence on surface reactivity

       Liu, Xiaojie; Wang, Cai-Zhuang; Hupalo, Myron; Lin, Hai-Qing; Ho, Kai-Ming; Tringides, Michael C.; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 89, 4, 41401 (2014)

[13]  Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thoules phase transition of spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas in optical lattice

       Tang, Ho-Kin; Yang, Xiaosen; Sun, Jinhua; Lin, Hai-Qing; EPL; 107, 4 (2014)

[14]  Magnetic Moment Enhancement for Mn-7 Cluster on Graphene

       Liu, Xiaojie; Wang, Cai-Zhuang; Lin, Hai-Qing; Ho, Kai-Ming; JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C; 118, 33 (2014)

[15]  Structures and magnetic properties of Fe clusters on graphene

       Liu, Xiaojie; Wang, Cai-Zhuang; Lin, Hai-Qing; Hupalo, Myron; Thiel, Patricia A.; Ho, Kai-Ming; Tringides, Michael C.; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 90, 15 (2014)

[16]  Plasmonic Fano resonances in metallic nanorod complexes

       Yang, Zhong-Jian; Hao, Zhong-Hua; Lin, Hai-Qing; Wang, Qu-Quan; NANOSCALE; 6, 10 (2014)

[17]  0-π transition characteristic of the Josephson current in a carbon nanotube quantum dot

       Lin Li, Bao-Bing Zheng, Wei-Qiang Chen, Hua Chen,4 Hong-Gang Luo, and Fu-Chun Zhang; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 89, 24, 245135 (2014)

[18]  The Structure and Stability of Magic Carbon Clusters Observed in Graphene Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth on Ru(0001) and Rh(111) Surfaces

       Gao, Junfeng; Ding, Feng; ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE (INTERNATIONAL ED. IN ENGLISH); 53, 51 (2014)

[19]  Vacancy inter-layer migration in multi-layered graphene

       Liu, Lili; Gao, Junfeng; Zhang, Xiuyun; Yan, Tianying; Ding, Feng; NANOSCALE; 6, 11 (2014)

[20]  Network Robustness: Detecting Topological Quantum Phases

       Chung-Pin Chou; SCIENTIFIC REPORTS; 4 (2014)

[21]  Controlling hole spins in quantum dots and wells

       Chesi, Stefano; Wang, Xiaoya Judy; Coish, W. A.; EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS; 129, 5, 86 (2014)

[22]  Structural phase transition and metallization in compressed SrC2

       Li, Yan-Ling; Ahuja, Rajeev; Lin, Hai-Qing; CHINESE SCIENCE BULLETIN; 59, 36 (2014)

[23]  Role of quantum confinement in luminescence efficiency of group IV nanostructures

       Barbagiovanni, E. G.; Lockwood, D. J.; Rowell, N. L.; Costa Filho, R. N.; Berbezier, I.; Amiard, G.; Favre, L., etc; JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS; 115, 4, 44311 (2014)

[24]  Quantum confinement in Si and Ge nanostructures: Theory and experiment

       Barbagiovanni, Eric G.; Lockwood, David J.; Simpson, Peter J.; Goncharova, Lyudmila V.; APPLIED PHYSICS REVIEWS; 1, 1, 11302 (2014)

[25]  Anisotropic Fabry-Pe rot resonant states confined within nano-steps on the topological insulator surface

       Fu, Zhen-Guo; Zhang, Ping; Chen, Mu; Wang, Zhigang; Zheng, Fa-Wei; Lin, Hai-Qing; SCIENTIFIC REPORTS; 4, 5544 (2014)

[26]  Simulating a two-dimensional frustrated spin system with fermionic resonating-valence-bond states

       Chung-Pin Chou and Hong-Yi Chen; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 90, 4, 41106 (2014)


Publications 2013

[1]    Multiple scattering theory for massive Dirac fermions on the topological insulator surface with a strong warping effect

      Fu, Zhen-Guo; Zhang, Ping; Lin, Hai-Qing; Li, Shu-Shen; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 88, 8, 85304 (2013)

[2]    Phase diagram of a spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas in a bilayer optical lattice

      Yang, Xiaosen; Huang, Beibing; Lin, Hai-Qing; JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS; 46, 20, 205302 (2013)

[3]    Controlling edge state transport in a HgTe topological insulator by superlattice effect

      Lin, L. -Z.; Cheng, F.; Zhang, L. B.; Zhang, D.; Yang, Wen; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 87, 24, 245311 (2013)

[4]    Quantum Fisher information of entangled coherent states in the presence of photon loss

      Zhang, Y. M.; Li, X. W.; Yang, W.; Jin, G. R.; PHYSICAL REVIEW A; 88, 4, 43832 (2013)

[5]    Van der Waals density functional study of the structural and electronic properties of La-doped phenanthrene

      Yan, Xun-Wang; Huang, Zhongbing; Lin, Hai-Qing; JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS; 139, 20, 204709 (2013)

[6]    From fractional Chern insulators to Abelian and non-Abelian fractional quantum Hall states: Adiabatic continuity and orbital entanglement spectrum

      Liu, Zhao; Bergholtz, Emil J.; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 87, 3, 35306 (2013)

[7]    Bulk-edge correspondence in fractional Chern insulators

      Liu, Zhao; Kovrizhin, D. L.; Bergholtz, Emil J.; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 88, 8, 81106 (2013)

[8]    Electronic and spin transport properties of graphene nanoribbon mediated by metal adatoms: a study by the QUAMBO-NEGF approach

      Zhang, G. P.; Liu, Xiaojie; Wang, C. Z.; Yao, Y. X.; Zhang, Jian; Ho, K. M.; JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER; 25, 10, 105302 (2013)

[9]    Superconductivity in beta-Tin Germanium

      Zhang, Chao; Chen, Xiao-Jia; Lin, Hai-Qing; JOURNAL OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND NOVEL MAGNETISM; 26, 5 (2013)

[10]  Tunable two types of Fano resonances in metal-dielectric core-shell nanoparticle clusters

       Yang, Zhong-Jian; Wang, Qu-Quan; Lin, Hai-Qing; APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS; 103, 11, 111115 (2013)

[11]  Wilson Ratio of Fermi Gases in One Dimension

       Guan, X. -W.; Yin, X. -G.; Foerster, A.; Batchelor, M. T.; Lee, C. -H.; Lin, H. -Q.; PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS; 111, 13, 130401 (2013)

[12]  Low-temperature properties of an integrable spin-3/2 gas with weak external magnetic field

       Jiang, Yuzhu; Cao, Junpeng; Lin, Hai-Qing; PHYSICAL REVIEW A; 88, 6, UNSP 063618 (2013)

[13]  The effect of the warping term on the fractional quantum Hall states in topological insulators

       Fu, Zhen-Guo; Zheng, Fawei; Wang, Zhigang; Zhang, Ping; PROGRESS OF THEORETICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS; 10, 103I01 (2013)

[14]  Low-lying quasiparticle excitations in strongly correlated superconductors: An ansatz from BCS quasiparticle excitations

       Chou, Chung-Pin; JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS; 74, 11 (2013)

[15]  Metals on Graphene: Interaction, Growth Morphology, and Thermal Stability

       Xiaojie Liu, Cai-Zhuang Wang, Myron Hupalo, Hai-Qing Lin, Kai-Ming Ho, and M. C. Tringides; Crystals (2013)

Publications 2012

[1]    Collective nuclear stabilization in single quantum dots by noncollinear hyperfine interaction

      Yang, Wen; Sham, L. J.; PHYSICAL REVIEW B; 85, 23, 235319 (2012)

[2]    Cooperative effects of two optical dipole antennas coupled to plasmonic Fabry-Perot cavity

      Yang, Zhong-Jian; Wang, Qu-Quan; Lin, Hai-Qing; NANOSCALE; 4, 17 (2012)

[3]    Quantum phase diagram of the frustrated spin ladder with next-nearest-neighbor interactions

      Li, Yan-Chao; Lin, Hai-Qing; NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS; 14, 63019 (2012)

[4]    Dynamics of correlations and scaling behaviors in a spin-chain environment

      Li, Yan-Chao; Lin, Hai-Qing; Xu, Jing-Bo; EPL; 100, 2, 20002 (2012)

[5]    Hybrid density functional theory study of band gap tuning in AlN and GaN through equibiaxial strains

      Duan, Yifeng; Qin, Lixia; Shi, Liwei; Tang, Gang; Shi, Hongliang; APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS; 100, 2, 22104 (2012)

[6]    Second harmonic generation in three-dimensional structures based on homogeneous centrosymmetric metallic spheres

      Xu, Jinying; Zhang, Xiangdong; OPTICS EXPRESS; 20, 2 (2012)

[7]    Phase transitions and electron-phonon coupling in platinum hydride

      Zhang, Chao; Chen, Xiao-Jia; Lin, Hai-Qing; JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER; 24, 3, 35701 (2012)

[8]    Magnetic instability and pair binding in aromatic hydrocarbon superconductors

      Huang, Zhongbing; Zhang, Chao; Lin, Hai-Qing; SCIENTIFIC REPORTS; 2, 922 (2012)

[9]    Phonon-mediated superconductivity in quasi-1D Sc3CoC4

      Zhang, Chao; Tse, John S.; Tanaka, Kaori; Lin, Hai-Qing; EPL; 100, 6, 67003 (2012)

[10]  Inducing novel electronic properties in < 112 > Ge nanowires by means of variations in their size, shape and strain: a first-principles computational study

      Zhang, Chao; De Sarkar, Abir; Zhang, Rui-Qin; JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER; 24, 1, 15301 (2012)


Publications 2011

[1]    Magnetic behavior of Fe(Se,Te) systems: First-principles calculations

      Shi, Hongliang; Huang, Zhong-Bing; Tse, John S.; Lin, Hai-Qing; JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS; 110, 4, 43917 (2011)

[2]    Universal Scaling and Fano Resonance in the Plasmon Coupling between Gold Nanorods

      Woo, Kat Choi; Shao, Lei; Chen, Huanjun; Liang, Yao; Wang, Jianfang; Lin, Hai-Qing; ACS NANO; 5, 7 (2011)

[3]    Experimental Evidence of Plasmophores: Plasmon-Directed Polarized Emission from Gold Nanorod-Fluorophore Hybrid Nanostructures

      Ming, Tian; Zhao, Lei; Chen, Huanjun; Woo, Kat Choi; Wang, Jianfang; Lin, Hai-Qing; NANO LETTERS; 11, 6 (2011)

[4]    Thermal quantum and classical correlations and entanglement in the XY spin model with three-spin interaction

      Li, Yan-Chao; Lin, Hai-Qing; PHYSICAL REVIEW A; 83, 5, 52323 (2011)

[5]    Anomalous structural transformation, spontaneous polarization, piezoelectric response, and band structure of semiconductor aluminum nitride under hydrostatic pressure

      Duan, Yifeng; Qin, Lixia; Shi, Liwei; Tang, Gang; Shi, Hongliang; JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS; 110, 10, 103712 (2011)



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