2020/05/30 08:00   Conference Room I
(Workshop & Conference ) International Conference on Eigenvalue Problems and Related Topics
2020/05/29 09:00   Conference Room II, 3rd Floor
(Workshop & Conference ) Kinetic Theory in CFD and Other Applications
2020/01/20 09:00    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) Hessian Recovery Based Finite Element Methods for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
Dr. Hai-Long Guo
2020/01/15 14:00    A403 Meeting Room
(Postdoctoral Seminars ) Restoring E vs k Band Structure Dispersion in Low Symmetric, Disordered Systems
Dr. Zhi Wang
2020/01/07 10:00    A303 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) CT with Non-Standard Trajectory: from Concept to Product
A/Prof. He-Wei Gao
2020/01/06 15:30    A203 Meeting Room
(Seminars ) A Multiscale/Multiphysics Coupling Framework for Bioprosthetic Heart Valves (BHVs) Damage
A/Prof. Yue Yu
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