Apr 21,2021 感知地磁迁徙导航的新机制 A303 Meeting Room
Apr 16,2021 温/热稠密物质状态方程和输运性质的第一性原理研究 A303 Meeting Room
Apr 16,2021 温稠密氢对电子阻止本领的电子力场方法模拟研究 A303 Meeting Room
Jan 08,2021 Probing Many-Body Physics with Superconducting Qubits A303 Meeting Room
Nov 12,2020 Floquet Engineering on Sr-87 optical lattice clock system A303 Meeting Room
Jan 17,2020 高压下的自旋量子传感 A303 Meeting Room
Dec 13,2019 Discrete Scale Invariance in Topological Semimetal A303 Meeting Room
Dec 13,2019 超导量子计算进展及谷歌量子优势解析 A303 Meeting Room
Nov 12,2019 Acceptance Rate is a Thermodynamic Function in Local Monte Carlo Algorithms A303 Meeting Room
Nov 07,2019 Ground State Phase Diagram of the Spin S=1/2 XXZ Heisenberg Chain with Alternating Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction A303 Meeting Room
Oct 29,2019 Focus on the Surface Andreev Bound States of Unconventional Superconductors A303 Meeting Room
Oct 16,2019 Topological Fractional Pumping in Optical Lattice A303 Meeting Room
Sep 26,2019 Spin Charge Separation with Quantum Criticality A303 Meeting Room
Sep 25,2019 Resonant Photovoltaic Effect in Doped Magnetic Topological Materials A303 Meeting Room
Aug 23,2019 Generalized Passarino-Veltman Reduction at Finite Temperature and Chemical Potential A303 Meeting Room
Jul 09,2019 Small is Different: Old Questions New Paradigms A303 Meeting Room
Apr 19,2019 A Second-Quantized Shannon Theory A303 Meeting Room
Mar 26,2019 Theory of Magnetic Interactions in Real Materials A303 Meeting Room
Jan 15,2019 Discrete Scale Invariance and log B Periodic Quantum Oscillations in Topological Semimetals A303 Meeting Room
Nov 20,2018 Donor Clusters: Ground State, Exchange and Future Prospects A303 Meeting Room
Oct 26,2018 Quasiparticle Tunneling and Its Scaling in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effects A303 Meeting Room
Oct 23,2018 Quantum Time-Crystals A303 Meeting Room
Oct 17,2018 Topological and Non-Topological Edge States in Quantum Dots and Chern Insulators A303 Meeting Room
Oct 17,2018 X-Ray Ghost Imaging A303 Meeting Room
Oct 16,2018 Recent Developments with the Population Annealing Algorithm A303 Meeting Room
Oct 11,2018 Timescales in the Wang-Landau Algorithm A303 Meeting Room
Oct 11,2018 贵金属催化剂的原子尺度设计 A303 Meeting Room
Sep 11,2018 Titled Dirac Cones, Non-Symmorpic Symmetries and Possible Odd Frequency Superconductivity in Quasi-Two-Dimensional Organic Salts A303 Meeting Room
Aug 31,2018 Toward a First-Principles Description of Stronger Correlations: Stripe and Magnetic Phases in Cupates to Topological Materials A303 Meeting Room
Aug 21,2018 Frustrated Optical Lattice: From Topological Excitations to Deconfined Phase Transition A303 Meeting Room
Aug 20,2018 Fracton Order A303 Meeting Room
Jul 16,2018 Emerging of "Hamiltonian" in General Nonequilibrium Processes A303 Meeting Room
Jul 16,2018 Quantum Kinetic Theory of Magneto-Transport in Topological Materials A403 Meeting Room
Jun 14,2018 Atomistic Simulation in Lithium-Sulfur Battery A303 Meeting Room
May 29,2018 Topological and Geometric Universal Thermodynamics in Conformal Field Theory A303 Meeting Room
Mar 23,2018 Hybridization at Superconductor-Semiconductor Interfaces A303 Meeting Room
Mar 16,2018 Steering of Random Spin Systems for Fast Quantum Annealing A303 Meeting Room
Feb 09,2018 Theoretical Studies on Two-Dimensional Ferroelectrics and Ferromagnets A303 Meeting Room
Feb 06,2018 Realization of Massive Relativistic Spin-3/2 Rarita-Schwinger Quasiparticle in Condensed Matter Systems A303 Meeting Room
Jan 30,2018 二维层内异质结的界面结构、生长机理与电子性质 A303 Meeting Room
Dec 15,2017 磁选态-光检测小型铯原子钟研制进展 A303 Meeting Room
Dec 12,2017 AI技术发展以及在医疗健康影像领域的应用 A303 Meeting Room
Dec 11,2017 Emergence of the Classical World from Quantum Mechanics: Schrödinger Cats, Entanglement, and Decoherence Conference Room I
Dec 08,2017 The Pseudopotential Description of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect without Rotational Symmetry A303 Meeting Room
Dec 08,2017 基于原子轨道基组的第一性原理计算软件ABACUS介绍 A303 Meeting Room
Nov 22,2017 A Single-Atom Spin-Orbit Qubit in Si A303 Meeting Room
Nov 20,2017 First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Liquid Water and Lithium A303 Meeting Room
Nov 10,2017 Dissipative Phase Transitions A403 Meeting Room
Nov 08,2017 Chiral Majorana Fermion Mode from Quantum Anomalous Hall Plateau Transitions A303 Meeting Room
Sep 08,2017 Spin Photocurrents and Spin Injection in Semiconductors A303 Meeting Room
Jul 28,2017 Topological States of Bosons and Fermions in Synthetic Magnetic Fields A303 Meeting Room
Jul 06,2017 Novel Magnetism in Mixed 3d-5d Materials A303 Meeting Room
May 17,2017 Self-Bound Droplets of a Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensate: Stabilized by The Lee-Huang-Yang Corrections A303 Meeting Room
Apr 11,2017 Theoretical and Modeling Design on Both Cathode and Anode Material System of Lithium-Sulfur Battery A303 Meeting Room
Mar 30,2017 Theory and Numerics of Bosonic Topological Insulator and Self-Dual Quantum Critical Point A303 Meeting Room
Mar 10,2017 Topologically Protected Unidirectional Edge Spin Waves and Beam Splitter A303 Meeting Room
Jan 10,2017 Interband Theory of Kerr Rotation in Unconventional Superconductors A303 Meeting Room
Dec 22,2016 小分子光谱与动力学行为的量子力学模拟 A303 Meeting Room
Dec 22,2016 Strongly Interacting Spinor Bosons or Fermions with Spin Orbit Couplings in Lattice Systems A303 Meeting Room
Dec 20,2016 Principles of Proton Transfer in Proteins A303 Meeting Room
Dec 14,2016 Correlation Matrix Renormalization Method for Studying Correlated-Electron Materials A303 Meeting Room
Nov 25,2016 Synthesizing Exotic Floquet Topological States of Matter by Periodic Driving A303 Meeting Room
Aug 25,2016 Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Integrable Systems A303 Meeting Room
Aug 22,2016 Strongly Correlated Phases of Rydberg-Dressed Atoms in Optical Lattices A303 Meeting Room
Aug 19,2016 From Unitary Dynamics to Statistical Mechanics in Isolated Quantum Systems A303 Meeting Room
Aug 17,2016 Effective Hamiltonian for Edge States in Graphene A303 Meeting Room
Aug 17,2016 Characterizing Topological Phases by Many-Particle Collective Properties A303 Meeting Room
Aug 09,2016 Topological Phases and Superconductivity with Ultracold Polar Molecules A303 Meeting Room
Aug 09,2016 Quantum Monte Carlo Study Of The Rabi-Hubbard model A303 Meeting Room
Aug 08,2016 Multi Spin Qubits Architecture as a Resource for Quantum Information Processing and for Probing Nuclear Spins Dynamics A303 Meeting Room
Jul 29,2016 Diagnosing Short-Range Entangled States with the "Strange Correlator" A303 Meeting Room
Jul 01,2016 From Paired-Electron Crystal to Superconductivity in the Frustrated Quarter-filled Band A303 Meeting Room
Jun 30,2016 高熵合金的原子级模拟 A303 Meeting Room
Jun 22,2016 Towards Materials Realization of Topological Superconductivity A303 Meeting Room
Jun 21,2016 Critical Heat Engines A303 Meeting Room
Jun 16,2016 A New Approach for the Mesoscopic and Macroscopic Modeling of Quantum Systems: Application in 2D Materials A303 Meeting Room
Feb 25,2016 Open Quantum Many-Body Systems - Interactions, Dissipations and Noises A303 Meeting Room
Feb 19,2016 Superconductivity in Complex Electronic Systems under Pressure A303 Meeting Room
Feb 03,2016 强自旋轨道耦合电子关联体系理论研究 A303 Meeting Room
Jan 22,2016 Quantum Phases Emerged from the Interplay between Mott Physics and Topology Band A303 Meeting Room
Jan 05,2016 Classifying Symmetry Fractionalization in Gapped Z2 Spin Liquids A303 Meeting Room
Dec 10,2015 Hybrid Quantum Engineering for Quantum Sensing and Control A303 Meeting Room
Dec 08,2015 Predictive Modeling in 2D Materials: Morphology, Defects, Synthesis Conference Room I
Dec 02,2015 Fractionalized Spin-Wave Continuum in Kagome Spin Liquids A303 Meeting Room
Nov 27,2015 Symmetry-Mismatch Reconstruction of Icosahedral Virus by Cryo-EM A303 Meeting Room
Nov 18,2015 Magnetic Monopole Condensation Transition out of Quantum Spin Ice A303 Meeting Room
Nov 05,2015 Isoelectronicity to Phosphorus a Potential for Electronic Applications A303 Meeting Room
Nov 03,2015 Tight-Binding Density Functional Theory (DFTB) – An Approximate Kohn-Sham DFT Scheme A303 Meeting Room
Oct 30,2015 Replica exchange Wang-Landau Sampling: Pushing the Limits of Monte Carlo Simulations for Materials Science A303 Meeting Room
Oct 21,2015 III-V Semiconductor Materials and Devices for Application in Photovoltaics, Optoelectronics, Spintronics and UV Detection A303 Meeting Room
Oct 19,2015 Proteins Aggregation and Human Diseases A303 Meeting Room
Oct 13,2015 Computational Holography with Its Applications A303 Meeting Room
Oct 09,2015 铁方镁石的自旋转变所带来的下地幔波速结构特点 A303 Meeting Room
Sep 21,2015 Electronic Excitations in Materials: From Photovoltaics to Plasmonics A303 Meeting Room
Sep 01,2015 Disordered Quantum Systems at the Warwick Centre for Scientific Computing A303 Meeting Room
Apr 09,2015 Surface states, S-B correspondence and entanglement spectrum Conference Room I
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